What is your favorite TV show? Well mine is a TV show called Glee. Glee was a hit TV series on FOX network as soon as it came out in 2009 until 2015. Glee is a cheerful, dramatic, and exciting show about the high school students in the McKinley High School Glee club. The club […]

Empower Me 101 Goals

As you know, we are doing a 20% project which is meant to focus 20% of our time on doing something that we like. I am working with my friends Hunter and Makenzie. We hope that we will be going to daycare’s to teach little kids different sports to give them a place to escape […]

~ Happy Happy Holidays ~

It’s almost here! Christmas cheer is in the air. Christmas is my favorite holiday if you haven’t noticed yet. It is not my favorite holiday just because of all the presents and parties even those are great, but I also love Christmas because I get to see some of my family and enjoy the time […]

Empower Me 101

What is Empower Me 101? Well, it is my 20% project. What is a 20% project? Well it is we will be doing that focuses on devoting 20% of our time to doing something we love!¬† I will be working with my friends Hunter and Makenzie. Our project will be going to day cares to […]

My Favorite Animal

What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is a dolphin. Dolphins are my favorite animal because they are beautiful, sweet, intelligent, and playful. Dolphins live in the water and are very graceful. They live in groups called pods and they are very close with one another. They will always help another dolphin in need. […]

Halloween Stories

Activity 3 ¬†Mark via Compfight It was Halloween night. All of the happy, cheerful kids pored out into the streets. They were trick or treating and having lot’s of fun. Max and Emily had just moved there, but met Emily who told them the old Halloween tale of the 3 Witches. Max was very curious, […]

Halloween Is Almost Here

In class we learned about plagiarizing and copy laws. We learned that it is always important to site your sources. We also learned that it is important to give other people credit for there work if you want to use it. I still want to learn some more laws like this because I don’t want […]

My Avatar

I made my avatar the way I did because I wanted it to look like me. I like my avatar because I think it shows part of who I am and what I look like. I have beautiful blue eyes, and thick dirty blonde hair. My favorite color is blue and that is why I […]

My Passion

What is your passion? Well, my passion is volleyball. This is my passion because I love to play with my friends. I am also good at it. I have played for 4 years and now I am playing for my school team. I have made many new friends. We have so much fun. My coaches […]